Strange News from Another Star

There are so many photography (social networking) websites about these days that it’s confusing knowing which ones to use. In some respects, it may be a good idea to maximise your potential and submit to all of them but if you did, there would be no time to do anything else!

In the past few weeks I have started up a Trek Earth account, so far so good, added some images via Flickr to The Getty Images website (don’t have a link for this just yet) and started an Instagram page which I think is linked to only from Facebook or a mobile app. This is all in addition to my Pinterest, Panoramio and Flickr sites and to be honest, if any more of them pop up and demand my attention, I’d be inclined not to bother – yes they’re all very nice  and fun to have but essential??? Hmmm… a subject for much debate methinks. Almost every week someone tells me that I must start an account with X or Y, time will tell which proves to be the more useful I guess!

What does everyone else think of them? I kind of like the concept of the Trek Earth but to be honest, the same thing looks to be covered by other photography websites, albeit in a different way. I remember when I started my Flickr account, my idea was to submit only my best images but then in the end, I sent the good, the bad and the ugly anyway. So now I have started my Trek Earth account with the same idea, in fact the same idea I had when setting up my Panoramio account, et al – does everyone else do the same thing?

Let’s stop all this serious discussion now and look at a nice photo of agaves and the moon – apparently in Mexico the agave is known as a plant of the moon because of the shape of the leaves and the chumbo (prickly pear) a plant of the sun for the same reason. Oops, forgot to say about my inclusion on the Parque Natural website – check this 🙂

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata

Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata


2 thoughts on “Strange News from Another Star

  1. My thoughts: Play around with the various sites and find out which ones work for you and which ones don’t. Those that don’t work for you, leave. You might also want to evaluate where you’re going with your photography and then zero in on those that will accomplish your goals.

    And the agave looks wonderful silhouetted against the sky with the moon in the background. 🙂

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