15 May – ADAY.ORG

So, I have taken part and uploaded the following two photographs to the aday.org project.

Category: Work - Tools

Category: Work – Tools

15 May in Spain is dia de (day of) San Isidro, the patron saint of farm workers. My friend Timbé works with agave (pita) plants and this is him extracting the agave nectar which is high in all sorts of nutrients.

Photo taken at 20:00 near Los Molinos del Río Aguas

Category: Connections - Leisure

Category: Connections – Leisure

My friend Timbé hosts a jam session every Tuesday at his Andalucian farm house near Sorbas in Spain. This is my friend Pieter playing his djembe drum – in many traditions, the drum is the instrument that connects the musicians and dancers, the drum is much more than a device to simply keeping the beat.

Photo taken at 20:45 near Los Molinos del Río Aguas

This photograph was also taken the same day but not submitted. This is a much “trimmed back” agave (pita) plant. Apparently one of Timbé’s neighbours is a bit handy with the secateurs and took it upon himself to cut back some of the many agave plants. I thought it was an interesting pattern.

Agave  - not submitted

Agave – not submitted


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