Oz Nature & Music Debut

Photograph by Jesus Contreras

Photograph by Jesus Contreras

Last night was the debut performance of the Oz Nature & Music project; three slide-shows of photographs taken around the province of Almería by our good friend and project director Jesus Contreras were accompanied by live music. Firstly the beautiful flamenco guitar of Juanmi Requena followed by the solo saxophone of my good-self, both of these two sets were about 20 minutes long and the music was entirely improvised to suit the mood of the photographs. The third slide-show, also 20 minutes long, was accompanied by the music of both Juanmi and myself in a semi-improvised set.

There was a fantastic audience of just over 100 people who were very receptive to this new initiative for Almería. We are looking forward to more of the same and developing this idea further – Almería no es nuestro objetivo sino nuestra alma (Almería is not our goal but our soul).

Oz Nature & Music

Oz Nature & Music

Short video of some moments…


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