The May Super-Moon

Well, all this talk of the super-moon of May got me excited on my trip back to the UK… and there I was on Saturday night, camera & tripod ready and guess what?? Too cloudy!!! So, back the following night (Sunday) and guess what?? Actually, not as cloudy as the night before but never-the-less, not that brilliant where I was.

So here is a photograph of my parent’s house taken by the much-diffused moonlight – me?? Disappointed??? Nah  😦

Halfway Farm

Halfway Farm


5 thoughts on “The May Super-Moon

  1. Neil deGrasse Tyson (astrophysicist) commented about the Supermoon. He said, “Moon Lunacy strikes again: The impending Supermoon is to an average full Moon what a 16″ Pizza is to a 15″ Pizza. So chillax.” I take comfort in that thought because I missed it also. 😦

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