I believe in what I am doing!

Inside one week I have been on Spanish TV in a programme promoting the regeneration of Andalucian traditions, I have become involved in a working group (round table) for active (sustainable) tourism and subsequently got my photo in the Diario de Almería and today delivered a presentation to some students at Almería University. OK, in truth, the TV programme was recorded about a month ago but it was broadcast on national TV last Saturday.

Diario de Almería

Diario de Almería

All of these activities are important and I’m proud to be involved but the subject and content of my presentation to the students really sums up what I am trying to do and what I am passionate about. I have come to the province of Almería and especially Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata to set up a small company running photography experiences and using these experiences to promote respect for the diversity of nature and the environment of the province. The theme of my presentation was how and why photography can be used to do this and also about the need to work with others towards a common goal of sustainable tourism.

There are still a number of companies operating illegally in the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata in activities that are not good for the environment; motor-cross, quad-biking, jet-skiing, etc… these high-adrenaline activities may offer momentary thrills that may be conversation matter for about a week but we should be considering the environmental impact of such activities and collectively changing the way we think. Thankfully the number of eco-friendly activities for tourism is on the increase and it’s good to see and be involved with the regeneration of local traditions as part of these activities. Moreover, it’s good to see the arts included in this increase. Photography, painting, ceramics, etc… can ALL form an integral part of the sustainable tourism industry and most can be combined with other activities to promote an understanding and respect of the environment and ultimately a richer visitor experience.

Pita (Agave)

Pita (Agave)

Promotion of respect for the environment and working (with others and by myself) towards a common goal of sustainable tourism are things I value highly and I believe I have much to offer people who would like to visit me and be part of what I am doing. In any industry it’s difficult to change the mindset of the customer, especially when they are used to going to a resort for their holiday and taking part in high-adrenaline activities as mentioned above, but promoting the well-being of the natural world not only is a must but is becoming more widely supported by organisations and to some extent, industry – so it’s becoming easier!

I believe in what I am doing and that we can strive towards our goals more effectively together, promoting the most beautiful product called Almería. There is a lovely saying within the network of friends that I work with here, Juntos Podemos – Together We Can.

It’s taken me a while now to write all this up and I certainly hadn’t intended for it to be so… what’s the word???? Intense maybe(?) But these are things I feel passionate about and once I get started, there’s no stopping me LOL!!! This IS however a very beautiful part of the world and unique in many ways and there is lots to show people so come one, get your cameras charged up and out you come 🙂

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4 thoughts on “I believe in what I am doing!

    • Thanks, it’s unusual to have so many things like this going on in quick succession and I’m hoping it’s a sign that people are becoming more aware about the environment and I can play my part in promoting such awareness and promote my photography experiences at the same time of course 🙂 Hope you are well.

  1. The arts will help save the environment because artists need nature to fuel their creativity. What you are doing is commendable and I wish you well as you continue to teach others to respect and preserve the traditions of the culture and the natural beauty of the land.

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