New Website

Well, I finally did it! I’ve built myself a new website to coincide with the first day of spring (20 March) – nice & slick methinks.

I’m still adding, modifying content etc., so although the new website is now live, it will be updated regularly! Also keep an eye on (this) my blog for latest ramblings, ideas, etc.

All the site functionality works so you can view the photography experiences I currently have on offer (more coming soon!) and make an online query / reservation as easy as anything – there’s no better time like the present to come and see the beauty that my part of the world has to offer 🙂 You might also like the new enhanced gallery page.

As you probably all know, I run my operation with a very limited marketing budget and therefore rely heavily on word-of-mouth and personal recommendations. In this respect, I would be really grateful if you would share this information with others that you know – if you feel you’re in a position to trade links with me, or would like related articles written for your own blog or website, I would be only too happy to discuss this.

Click on the image below or here – to visit website.


2 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Hey Martyn, ironically I clicked on the link from your Velez article… I was curious about what you do as your writing style is very impressive. Anyway love the site but thought I’d tell you that the very first time you visit your website the background image takes a very long time to load (perhaps too high res?!)… but once its cached it loads quick. Besides that I honestly thought it was a well put site… hope you don’t mind the feedback.

    • Thanks for the feedback, all of it useful. Yes it is a high res image and it sort of has to be because it’s all scaleable but long term not sure what to do if it becomes too much of a problem. How is you connection if you don’t mind me asking?

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