I was just thinking about a great weekend that we had in Alpujarras a while ago tasting the most loveliest of wine, then I got to reading the bovingtoninspain blog (he also has a wine blog :-)) and read a nice post on the Alpujarras – here it is now!

Spanish Impressions

Las Alpujarras is the area of picturesque white villages that cling to the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. It is a nature lover’s delight. Torrents cascading down from the frozen summits of the high Sierra have cut deep ravines into the rock leaving the lower slopes a brilliant green. Olive and almond trees abound and as one travels higher into the Alpujarras, oak, chestnut and pine forests flourish. Every season in the Alpujarras is special – even winter with its orange trees heavy with fruit.

Whole mountainsides are given over to growing things – many hillsides are terraced – a legacy of the Moors who also built irrigation channels – acequias – to bring water from the high Sierra to irrigate the crops. The region contains an abundance of fruit trees, especially grape vines, oranges, lemons, persimmons, figs and almonds.

The whole region is special and one of great…

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