I love living in the province of Almería and I think this is largely due to the diverse nature of the environment however, I’m never sure what to make of the city. Amber & I had decided to spend some time away from San José this weekend and although only a short distance away, we decided to stay in Almería. During the first few hours of walking around, I wanted to be elsewhere – I really couldn’t see a reason to like the place but shortly after this initial feeling, there is a different story to tell.

Valentine's Day Dummies

Valentine's Day Dummies

Almería has some truly amazing tapas bars and bars in general and the people in Almería are some of the most friendliest I’ve ever met. At night, the city comes alive with the bustling of people hopping from one bar to another and enjoying a wide variety of tapas specialities that each bar offers. We enjoyed an amazing night of Flamenco in a bar that you might of ordinarily walked by; it was an unassuming but fairly full bar – there were a few guys standing around outside, one with a guitar strapped to his back and one with a cajon in his hand who told me that they were playing there. So in we went and what an amazing evening we had. For a more detailed account of the Flamenco plus a few movie clips, please click here.

Subsequently the next day wandering around the city I had a better feeling in my bones and rather than the “wanting to be anywhere else’ feeling I had yesterday, I was much more open to being there and enjoyed it greatly, though it was pretty cold!!!

So, after a quick and simple breakfast, we headed to the fantastic Centro Andalauz de la Fotografía to take in two wonderful exhibitions one by Robert Frank and one by Simon Norfolk, who I hadn’t heard of. The Simon Norfolk exhibition was stunning and I recommend it highly. After the photography centre and a little wandering around, we had lunch in an amazing Arabesque restaurant called Tetería Almedina where we also had some very fragrant teas the day before.



The rest of the day was spent wandering around and taking photographs with a brief stop at the Museo de Almería, that is the fantastic archaeology museum on the Rd. de Ronda. As most readers will probably know, I love abstract photography and so I’m afraid to say that my studies of ram-shackled buildings and derelict building-sites might not be the best advert for the City of Almería but I would say miss it at your peril.

Fountains, Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca

Fountains, Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca


3 thoughts on “Almería

  1. Spanish cities are fascinating places. Our previous home was near Granada and I love that city. I can do a great circular tapeo route around Sacromonte and the Albaicin starting from the Plaza Nueva which offers wonderful opportunities for photography. There is a collection of my Granada photos on Some of them are a bit quirky.
    We hope to visit the historic quarter of Almeria soon to discover more as our trips to the city seem to just involve visits to government offices or shopping at Carrefour.
    I have noticed the photographic exhibitions advertised in the press so i must visit them as well.

    Digby Merry

  2. At first sight Almería is pretty ugly, but it has been growing on me. The tapas here are fantastic, the people are very friendly, and it has good nightlife for a small city. There are lots of hidden statutes and parks, and other little architectural gems. I walk by that store with the mannequins at least once a week. It has been there for months.

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