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Two truly fantastic movies showing the beauty of the area I live in, the area that I would love to show YOU around!!

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A great post about Cabo de Gata

Photographs of Spain

In the south of Spain, a few miles east of Almería, there is a delightful area that offers miles of unspoilt beaches with secluded coves, sand dunes and much more within a protected coastal reserve. It is the Cabo de Gata, a natural park that I think is quite splendid. It is one of my favourite areas in the province of Almería.

It is a nature lover’s delight. There are thousands of different species there including the pink flamingo and the rare Italian wall lizard. There are eagles, kestrels, puffins, cormorants, oystercatchers and storks. The extraordinary wealth of wildlife is unbelievable. There are some species that are unique to the park. This includes the dragoncillo del Cabo, which flowers all the year round. Europe’s only native palm tree – the dwarf fan – is to be found here. In the sea, there are bream, grouper, prawn and squid. There are…

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Carnaval, San José

Of all the fiestas that take place in Spain throughout the year,  there is nothing wilder than the Carnival (Carnaval) celebrations in late February. The week leading up to Lent is a time for wild partying in some parts of Spain when the country plays host to Europe’s biggest and best Carnival festivals.

There are a few speculations on the origins of Carnival in Spain. Most popularly, it is believed the term Carnival derives from the words “farewell to the flesh,” a reference to the excesses that led up to the sombre Lent. Some suspect Carnival is derived from the Roman solstice festival, the Saturnalia, where participants indulged in much drinking and dancing. Saturnalia is believed to have had the first parade floats, called the ‘carrus navalis’. With these pagan roots, its easy to see why the dictator General Franco banned them for forty years!

Carnival in Spain is celebrated nationwide though the most raucous festivities are in the Canary Islands, Cadiz and Sitges. While each town has its own unique flavour of celebration, they all have a devotion to having a good time. In these main destinations during Carnival it seems that no one sleeps as the drinking and dancing go from dusk until dawn. You’ll see extravagant costumes and people in masks everywhere, and in any of Spain’s Carnivals, you’ll have a lot more fun participating in the masquerading than you will just watching. San José, like most other towns, played host to its own carnival this weekend gone, probably not on the same scale as other major cities but colourful and vibrant none-the-less.

Slideshow of the daytime, setting up the floats and getting ready to party.

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Andalucía’s spaghetti western province

Here’s a great article by the Telegraph website that supports everything I’ve been saying 🙂 So, come on over and let’s visit these areas together and you can take a wonderful photography experience at the same time!

Moorish marvel: the Alcazaba dominates the city of Almería

Moorish marvel: the Alcazaba dominates the city of Almería

Photograph used taken from website.

Here is the article:

This is also good but is more generally Andalucia:

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Photography Experiences in Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata

I don’t know how many people have read other pages on my blog, well actually I do because I can see my stats but anyway, just to point out for those unaware that I DO actually run photography experiences in Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata. The photography experiences on offer range from Basic Camera Techniques tutorials to a week-long combined all inclusive Photography and Nature Activity Week with many (bespoke) options in between.

Playa el Playazo

Playa el Playazo

Most visitors flock to the Cabo de Gata during the summer months and whilst there is much to see and do, there is an unequaled beauty at other times of the year which is well worth coming for. All the photography experiences on offer can be scheduled to suit your requirements and time constraints and I would love to show off the breath-taking colours, scenery and nature of Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata in spring, autumn and winter when together with the natural light, they are at their best. I don’t believe in setting dates for the experiences and expecting people to fall in with pre-determined plans, I’d rather work around you so that what I offer becomes a more enjoyable part of your holiday. Obviously when it comes to things like Full Moon Experiences, then we are held to a timetable.

What about the prices?

Well, very reasonable – prices start at €25 per person for a two hour Basic Camera Techniques experience around the beautiful town of San José. All prices are normally based on a minimum of four people. All experiences may also be tailored to accommodate couples looking for something a little bit different, in fact that tends to be what I do most of!

Almeria Crocus

Almeria Crocus

So, if you’d like to experience something so very special and see nature at its best, either as part of your existing holiday or even as a stand-alone reason to come to this area of outstanding beauty and / or perhaps you’d like to learn how to improve your camera technique, gain control and create the most amazing photographs that will far exceed your expectations, you need to hesitate no further and contact Martyn Thompson – Landscape Photography without delay!

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Martyn Thompson – Landscape Photography
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Guest Blogging

I’ve been guest blogging again for Owners Direct – honestly, anything to get my name about 🙂

Seriously though, I do like to write and especially about photography and so am happy to contribute to any website, blog or whatever.

The theme of this blog post is “Five good reasons why you should take photographs” and is a theme I should perhaps consider for my own blog. Anyway this is the detail, please click here to read.

Birdwatching Field Trip in Los Velez

. 02 . 2012

A friend of mine is organising this excellent good value event. Details as follows:



On Saturday 25 February, we will finally hold our birdwatching meeting in the Comaraca de los Vélez (Almería).

We will meet at the Cafetería del Hotel Velad al Abyadh (Vélez Blanco) at 09.00h.

To register, contact Jesus Contreras – For administrative reasons, registration is open until Thursday 23, at 20:00.

To view the field trip programme in English, please click here


El sábado día 25 de Febrero, celebraremos finalmente nuestro encuentro ornitológico en la comaraca de los Vélez (Almería).

Punto de encuentro en la Cafetería del Hotel Velad al Abyadh (Vélez Blanco) a las 09.00h.

Para inscripciones, contactar con Jesus Contreras en Por motivos organizativos, se limita la posibilidad de inscripción hasta el jueves 23, a las 20:00h.

Para ver el programa en castellano, pulse aqui

Lista de aves de Almeria / Almeria birds checklist

Price: for ANDALUCIA BIRD SOCIETY members it is free. For non members the price is €25. / Precio:  para SOCIEDAD ORNITOLÓGICA ANDALUZA miembros es gratis. Para no miembros el precio es €25.

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