Luz y sombre a San José

So a nice warmish afternoon, bright sunshine – time to go exploring relationships between light & shade. Well, it keeps me off the streets, no wait… LOL!

I have always been fascinated by shadows as I’ve already said in a previous post (read it to see why :-)) but the light at this time of the year in Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata is outstanding and unequaled. There are many good reasons why many-a blockbuster film is made here and the light is certainly one of the more predominant reasons.

During a little walk around town, I made some studies of light, shade, reflections, bold colours – all the things that are there to see but that people may overlook. I love to view these details in isolation to their surroundings and watch how (to me at least) they take on a new perspective; it’s enough for me that these elements ARE the composition.

Anyway, enough rambling on – here are some of the photographs of the day…

San José  San José  San José
San José  San José  San José

Click here to view full set on Flickr


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