Chiff-Chaffs and the Rio Andarax

Yesterday I went out with my good friend Jesus Contreras of Oz Nature to some of his favourite locations near Almeria and what an afternoon it was.

Chiff-ChaffMost of the afternoon was spent enjoying the delicious tapas in a village local to where we were, driving along the Rio Andarax (literally) and bird-watching or to be more precise, Chiff-Chaff watching. I learned much from Jesus about the habits of some of the birds we saw during the afternoon and with a little patience and I’d say a lot of luck, actually managed to take some photographs of them. That is of course in addition to my abstract shots of discarded furniture and a skip full of oranges!

Now I’m certainly no expert in wildlife photography (yet) and to demonstrate this, I took over 200 photographs during the afternoon most of which ended up being of perfectly focused branches and twigs. There were however some at least that I’d consider good enough – these birds were just too fast for my slow but steady landscape technique

After the bird-watching / photography session, we went for a nice drive into the mountains above Almeria to just sit, chill and enjoy the view, after all, this was a day for relaxing and enjoying nature :-)

Chairs    Oranges

So, if you would like an afternoon taking photographs or bird-watching, or even both then you need to get in contact with us straight away – the time to go is now!!!

Contact details:

Martyn Thompson – Landscape Photography
Facebook / Twitter / Etsy / Flickr

Oz nature
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2 thoughts on “Chiff-Chaffs and the Rio Andarax

  1. To the discerning reader – I noticed that I have actually spelled the name of Rio Andarax incorrectly but as I have now published the link and it is fast becoming my most popular post I can’t really change it, only in the name of the post, which of course I have.

    I hope I haven’t offended site visitors :-S

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