Full Moon Addict

Those of you who follow this blog and I KNOW there are a few, will know my passion for night-time photography. I just love the “other-worldly” effect the moonlight has.

Playa El Embarcadero

I’ve been experimenting for a while now with longer exposure times / lower ISO settings / smaller aperture combinations. I wouldn’t claim to have mastered the art yet but my luna-photography is definitely improving; though there’s not enough to do whilst waiting for several 15 minute exposures to finish and then the time it takes for each photo to save – I mean if I read a book by torch light, that would affect the photo!

The full moon is my light source and although my iPhone app told me that yesterday was the full moon, it neglected to inform me that it was at 02.05am (Tuesday into Wednesday) so I possibly missed out on the best of the light. There is however a 6 – 7 day range around the full moon when it is (generally) bright enough to call it a “full moon” for night photography purposes, so I guess I can still make the claim “La Luna Llena”.

Playa El Embarcadero

During last night’s moon, I went to the beautifully rugged beach of Playa El Embarcadero (aka El Esparto) near Los Escullos. A stunning location and well worth a visit in the day time, last night was the calmest I’ve ever seen it. Apart from taking the photos, I wandered about looking at the wild-life; well I had to do something whilst the shutter was open! I was lucky enough to watch sea-tomatoes feeding and to see a scorpion fish… also lucky enough not to be too close!

If anyone would like to come with me on my next venture, or even to join me on a future full moon photography session, please email me: martyn@martynthompson.net. I’d be only too happy to show you 🙂


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