Underwater Photography

I love to snorkel and take photos underwater but as you can appreciate this is a fairly high-risk activity. There are a few options for this;

  • a complete camera-spedific housing which costs in the region of £1,000 / €1,200 – these are excellent and are a must have for a diver specialising in underwater photography at any depth.
  • a camera bag, these are purpose built water-proof bags for D-SLR and compact cameras. You cannot take these to any great depth – those of you who follow this blog will know I have already ruined one camera using one of these bags, but I have also had good results so buyer beware!!
  • an underwater camera, there are enough of these on the market at varying prices, I wouldn’t know where to begin in recommending one. I just bought a Pentax Optio WG-1 but I’m still getting used to it.

I can’t justify the expense of the first option but have tried the second two. I used to love taking my D-SLR in the camera bag but having lost a camera to a possible leak (still can’t work out how), I am less trusting of it. The Pentax will take some getting used to as I’m not used to using a screen for focusing, only a view finder.

Salema Porgy

Those of you who have tried underwater photography will know how difficult it is focusing and being quick enough to “frame” a fish – they don’t pose for you as you might hope!

The water around San José during the past week has been a little bit agitated and the churned up sand has inhibited visibility to some extent. Better results were to be had on the beaches of Cabo de Gata where the sand is more coarse and water clearer.

More practice is needed methinks which means more time on the beach… well it does, doesn’t it?

Herrera Ornate Wrasse

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