Sierra de Cabo de GataRiver Thames from Canary WharfMaltaRota, Costa de la LuzRota, Costa de la LuzRota, Costa de la Luz
Hvar, CroatiaBrighton, West SussexSan José, Cabo de GataLos Ecullos, Cabo de Gata

Sunsets, a set on Flickr.

Just for fun really…

When taking sunset photographs, I like to look and study how the light affects and interacts with the landscape and not just at the colours of the sunset though of course this plays a major part in the composition. I often like to pick out specific features of the foreground that compliment the colours of the setting sun; the light of the setting sun reflecting on stones, the colours of the vegetation, etc.

Sometimes I am thinking in black and white and shades of grey and / or sepia in which case the way the cloud formations contrast with the overall scene is very important.

I try to shoot using as smaller aperture / slower shutter combination as I can get away with, which sometimes means using a tripod. For me, simplicity is the key.


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