San José – Shadows

San José

San José

Like many other people, I think I have always been fascinated by shadows; how they change shape at different times of the day, how they can add emphasis to any given situation, the sense of drama they can convey – there’s just so much in the concept of light & shade. I guess much of this comes from my love of the film noir and all the classic films like Nosferatu and Metropolis. The darkness at the top of the stairs for me has infinitely more power than any amount of gore or visual plot devices.

I took my camera for a walk yesterday during the middle of the afternoon to some of the more “shady” areas of San José to see what I could find. The light filtering through the trees, sun-shelters and playground equipment was striking, a perfect opportunity of shooting some abstract photos!

See full set of photos


3 thoughts on “San José – Shadows

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