The London Lucumi Choir Recording Sessions

Howard preparing to enter the live room!

Howard preparing to enter the live room!

What a mad bank holiday weekend it has been; whilst most people were spending time relaxing and enjoying the weather with family & friends, about 16 members of The London Lucumi Choir headed to the frozen north to a hot and airless recording studio (well the live room was anyway), located well away from any meaningful civilisation to embark on a mission.

As per-the-norm with recording sessions, time, space and relativity can be greatly disturbed by the silliest of things leaving people hanging around for ages – a good opportunity to get out the camera methinks!!!

All in all, it was a good weekend and not just because of the recording, we all shared an experience that I feel has brought us close together as individuals and there was not one ego issue which given the number of people, is something to be commended.


Martyn Thompson Website

The Martyn Thompson Landscape Photography website is still in development and will be live shortly. I am creating a website to promote photography tours / workshops in the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata and surrounding areas of Spain.

Located in the south-eastern corner of Spain, Cabo de Gata-Níjar is Andalucia’s largest coastal protected area, a wild and isolated landscape with some of Europe’s most original geological features. The eponymous mountain range is Spain’s largest volcanic rock formation with sharp peaks and crags in ochre-hues. It falls steeply to the sea creating jagged 100m-high cliffs, which are riven by gullies leading to hidden coves with white sandy beaches, some of the most beautiful in Andalucia. Offshore are numerous tiny rocky islands and, underwater, extensive coral reefs teeming with marine life.

I will be offering a wide variety of landscape photography experiences ranging from basic camera techniques to specialist bespoke photographic excursions and together with associates, wild-life photography trips such as bird-watching, night-photography, even aerial photography.

My mission is to provide the best photographic experiences to you whilst promoting a healthy respect for the surrounding environment and nature.

Photography by moonlight

Well last Monday was a full moon and it was time to put into practice a technique I’d learned in Spain. There is a beautiful, eerie quality to photographs taken under the light of a full moon.

Amber, Nadjib & myself met up outside The Stag at Burnham Beeches at about 11.00pm to begin our walk into the woods and to the ponds within, the quiet of the night broken only by the sound of birdsong.

We set up our tripods and cameras and fired off a few test shots whilst waiting for the moon to reach a decent height and then to begin in earnest.

In summary it was a great evening out and it was good to develop a technique that is new(ish) to me. We finished about 1.30 am and wandered back to our cars.