I have recently changed my “brand name” to reflect what I do, where I do it and hopefully get better search engine ratings and ultimately more clients. Whilst the name changes, everything about is doesn’t, it’s still the same me giving the best service possible, loving the world and wanting to show you all the beauty of the province of Almería in Spain, my home.

My new brand name, just in case you haven’t yet noticed is “Cabo de Gata Photography“.

The new URL of my website is:

The blog URL has changed to:

This blog will be kept running for a while but will not be updated anymore. The reason for this is that some of the pages will be cached in Social Bookmarking sites and the URL of this blog has been included on flyers.

I look forward to seeing on my new pages and ultimately, here in the most beautiful Almería.

Best wishes

Martyn Thompson
Cabo de Gata Photography